Information for High School Instructors

Articulating a class with Gavilan College helps to foster a supportive and integrated relationship between faculty of secondary and post-secondary institutions. Collaboration increases course relevancy and enrollment, and serves as a “marketing tool” for college-bound students. High school courses benefit through shared access to training, equipment, staff and facilities at the college level.

Step 1: How to Articulate a Class:

  1. Create an Account on this site if you have not already done so.
  2. Go to the website to find the college course to be articulated.
  3. Complete a Request for College Course Outline and review to ensure that the high school course closely approximates the college’s in content, materials and evaluation methods.
  4. Find out How to Apply for Articulation on this site
  5. Fill out an Articulation Form (minus signatures); upload necessary forms.
  6. If approval is given, complete articulation form and obtain signatures from faculty and administrators.
  7. Articulations are valid for two academic years, unless a review is requested by faculty or if signing teacher or faculty leave their positions.

Step 2: My Class Has Been Successfully Articulated… Now What?

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